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Fan Mail

"Thanks for coming to the Breakfast this morning! I forgot to tell you how many compliments we got on the invites! And just yesterday someone asked us who does our newsletters because they look so nice. So I told them about Messenger Press."

Renee Muhlenkamp, Community Development

Mercer County, Ohio 

Save Time.

Save Money.

Save Your Sanity.

Cut your "to-do" list in half and save up to 38% in postage costs!

Our professional Mailing Services can make your life much easier.  
Right now everyone is trying to do more with less.  Our automated processing system is a really great way to stretch your marketing and postage budgets without the need to allocate precious staff time.

Our one-stop shopping means your mailing is produced start-to-finish by our experienced staff.

     >  layout and design
     >  printing
     >  folding, tabbing, labeling
     >  inkjet addressing and barcoding
     >  mailing list management
          including de-duping
     >  CASS/PAVE/NCOA certification
     >  postal pre-sorting and drop off

Our cost-effective Mailing Services provide a professional and convenient way to mail brochures, newsletters, booklets/catalogs, postcards, and more!  

Speak with a printing professional today for more details or request a quote for your next project now!